Reviews of the Home

Letters to the Home

"Dear Jenny,

Thank you for organising the autumn supper. 

Our hearts sank when we realised we'd be sitting in the corridor, but you and your kind and efficient colleagues ensured we were well looked after there and we all enjoyed the opportunity to chat with you and with them.

We really appreciate my lovely ma having such a warm, friendly and supportive team at her shoulder. Please pass on our thanks.

Kindest regards,


November 2019



"Dear Jenny,

Following our visit to Anne on Monday 11th November, my wife and I were so impressed by all we saw and experienced.

Anne has a lovely room and is very happy.

The lunch was delicious, served with a menu and on a clean linen tablecloth. We witnessed members of staff speaking kindly to the residents and helping them with real interest and concern.

The activities programme is varied with a choice of activities on each day.

The whole home is clean, spotless and is one where my wife and I both said we would be happy to stay.

Once again, I congratulate you for running such a perfect home.

With kind regards,

John P Unterhalter"

November 2019



"To Jenny and all the staff at The Lady Nuffield Home. Thank you all so much for helping to make Audrey's 100th birthday such a special occassion for us all. We really appreciate the warmth and kindness you showed to her as you have done since she moved to the Home. The personal touches and your willingness to go out of your way to show you care help to make the Home the very special place it is,

With huge appreciation, 

Jonathan and Jane"

December 2018



"...I am enormously grateful to everyone, including the Trustees at Lady Nuffield. As my daughter put it, they gave my mother back her sparkle...  ...With many thanks for all the kindness you showed to my mother and best wishes,


November 2018



"I would like to express my thanks to you for a lovely occasion yesterday. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was clear that you and all the staff made a huge effort make the supper a very friendly, sociable and enjoyable event... ...My mother clearly enjoyed the occasion too."

November 2018



"I do believe that Gladys' last seven years could not have been happier than the time spent with you all at Lady Nuffield. Each and every member of staff has surrounded my mother with loving care, affection and great patience and good humour. She loved you all and was genuinely very grateful and appreciative of all that was done for her... ...I too cannot thank you all enough for the tender care and love you shownd her. It has enabled me to spend a great deal of time with her and to have fun with her...  ...Your care for her in her last few days was amazing, quietly efficient, unobtrusive and full of love. It did help to ease her suffering and ours.

All my thanks and every good wish,


October 2018



"Now reunited with respectable paper I can send you, everyone else at Lady Nuffield something like, but never adequate, a proper note of thanks for all those weeks (9) of really intensive care. "Respite" indeed, it was "rescue" and as I began to recover it was pleasure in the care and company of all your devoted staff. I did so appreciate too, the courtesy of residents, those I already knew and, I felt, new felt new friends. It is lovely to be home, as Ritchie Court has become for me but I tell you I'm truly missing Lady Nuffield and finish by recourse to childhood and saying, "Thank you for having me"


July 2018